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The Tears of the Unicorns I


The angel Caylen is entrusted with guiding Eliya back to the path of light, but when his assignment is terminated, she takes her own life in despair.
Caylen cannot bear to lose his charge, and desperately searches for a way to bring her back to life. That is when he stumbles upon the Holy Grail, which he learns will show its amazing powers in combination with unicorn blood. He steals the Grail and sets off to find a unicorn.
Because of her gift for seeing the future, Miriel, Caylen's sister, is sent to bring back the Grail. Sirion, a mage, will help her with her task.

An adventurous and dangerous journey begins, and soon there is much more at stake than there first seemed to be ...


Part I of the trilogy The Tears of the Unicorns is available as eBook and paperback!

978-3-947970-12-4 (Paperback - this version is only available in Germany at the moment!)
978-1-095610-84-8 Paperpack available via AMAZON
The eBook is available via AMAZON.

A reading sample of part I can be downloaded here - enjoy reading ☺

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